Butron Castle (Spain)

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For over 300 years, the Butrón castle, since the 16th century, has been the bastion around which the history of Vizcaya was formed through continuous bloody battles between noble families and opposing groups.

Confident in their impregnable castle, the nobles of Butrón exercised their power over the territory using the power and the value of their troops.

The primitive tower house, the beginning of Butrón castle, was built in the mid 13th century, and it was shortly after transformed into a castle by the V Lord of Butrón in the mid-14th century.

When the battles between the two opposite sides ended in the early 16th century, the building was abandoned and left to deteriorate, until it was restored in the late 19th century, the result of which we can see today.

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Latitude: 43.3716593
Longitude: -2.9142649
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