Castle of La Mola (Spain)

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It is one of the largest castles of Castile. Used as a fortress, at the time it was a strategic military center.

The plan is a trapezoid shape. The main access is made by a bridge a draw-time and fixed today. After crossing the bridge you can see an arch with two turrets and the royal coat of arms of the Catholic Monarchs. The interior consists of four towers and a courtyard along which are distributed the various environments. Fu archive of the Crown during the reign of Henry IV. The large size determined its military use, even as a warehouse for the artillery. It was the target of the Royalists during the popular uprising of the Comuneros in the sixteenth century. He served as a prison where they were locked personalities of the sixteenth and seventeenth century and housed in its dependencies Joan the Mad. Finally, after the Civil War, in 1942, it became home to a training school.

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Latitude: 41.309695
Longitude: -4.909421
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