De las Cuevas Castle (Spain)

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It is one of the most unique castles in Spain and probably around the world, both for originality and for its history. A story that is born from a dream, that of Serafín Villarán, that based on tenacity managed to turn into reality. Built stone by stone for more than twenty years, the castle rises giving us a beautiful picture both outside and inside. Do you want to discover this amazing place with me? Accompany me.


You can rarely say that a dream has come that far. At least if we take into account the conditioning factors of Serafin's dream. A dream that begins to take shape back in 1978, when Serafin himself began to build stone by stone what we know today as the Castle of Las Cuevas. It would do so only and exclusively with pebbles of the Nela River, about 20 kilometers from Cebolleros, its town of origin and place where the castle rises. More than twenty years building a dream with his own hands until in 1998 life decided to take it away. No one ever imagined that Serafin's work would go so far, and after 20 years of hard work, his family did not want that dream to end without a happy ending. Thus, they would be the ones who, at his death, would finish the work, following the methodology of his father, until the dream could be fulfilled in its entirety.

The first thing that stands out is that the visit to the castle is completely free. That if, once inside, we can leave our donation at the entrance, where we will also find a small bar to recover strength (and if it is very hot, cool a bit, it is well agustito). It is there, in the entrance, where the magic arises, taking us aimlessly through its narrow passages to choose destinations that only Serafin knows since its creation. Five floors full of nooks and crannies that are worth visiting without losing anything. Do not kid yourself, on the outside it may look like a small castle, but inside, the corners seem never to end. But inside you expect more surprises. At the entrance there are news clippings and news related to the castle, while in the basement ... in the basement you will only know what there is if you dare to discover it.


The Castle of Las Cuevas is located in the village of Cebolleros, just 17 kilometers from Medina de Pomar, in the province of Burgos. To get to it, just access the town and follow the indications that appear on our way. We will find it at the end of the town, specifically on Calle Alta. If we get lost, just ask someone from the town to show us the way.

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Latitude: 42.8625894
Longitude: -3.4210605
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