Barcience Castle (Spain)

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Only his huge rampant lion, engraved in stone on the keep, is worth the visit. It is the heraldic emblem of the Silva, counts of Cifuentes. It was built by this family in the 15th century.

We can tour its great patio, and the almost square floor that it presents, indicating by its size and the epoch in which it was erected, that it served as a residence rather than as a defensive fort. Two interesting cubes are indications of the barrier and the pit that protected the entrance door to the enclosure, and of which there are no remains. Three towers, two of circular plan, another square, and the one of the tribute, compose the rest of the enclosure.

Juan de Silva, first count of Cifuentes, began the construction of the fortress in the XIV century, which would conclude his grandson, of the same name. It was equipped with artillery and garrison in the sixteenth century.

Of private property, access is free. Entering the town of Barciene, and passing its cemetery, we will follow a dirt track that crosses a pine forest to reach the castle.

Juan de Silva, who promoted its construction, received from the king, along with the title of Count of Cifuentes, that of Señor de Barciene.

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Latitude: 39.989632
Longitude: -4.2303952
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