Tossa de Mar Castle (Spain)

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Tossa is the most enchanting cities and is very proud of its fortified castle that winds around the small village inside. You can walk up the stairs of the castle from the beach and climb the steps and the wind going past small houses with geranium hanging baskets outside, the village women sewing in the sun on a chair with their front door or are just gossiping with their neighbors. It takes you back 50 years. There are nice cafes and restaurants and small shops and when you come out of the castle grounds are located in front of fantastic seafood restaurants and small beaches surrounded by rocks that only the brave heart would venture down some windy route along the rocks to get too . Again it is worth making the effort to reach the beaches. Some of the castle walls are in ruins and there are gaps where you can locate these little beaches which are rarely used.

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Latitude: 41.717374
Longitude: 2.9342018
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