Teleborg Castle (Sweden)

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The little eccentric Count Fredrik Bonde of Björnö was able to build Teleborg Castle as a morning gift to his young wife Anna Koskull. The castle was inhabited in 1900, and the phrase "What does not a farmer do for his koskull" was influenced by Greenlanders. Only the best thing was good enough for Fredrik Bonde and he did not save anything to give his faithful something extraordinary.

Only the best was enough
Two Skåne architects, Harald Boklund and August Lindvall, were hired by Count Bonde and followed his very careful instructions. Granite and bricks were collected from Torpa near Växjö and from Västervik. The country's most skilful stucco and decorative painters were hired, fireplaces and tiles were transported from Gothenburg and the forging work came from Copenhagen.

A total of SEK 192,772 and 80 öre went to the castle building - a considerable sum at that time. When the castle was clear, Fredrik and his wife moved Anna. However, the happiness did not last long. Just nine years later, the Count died and he survived for eight years by his wife, who died in 1917. The couple was childless and it became the Countess Grandson Christer who inherited the castle.

This attempted to launch Teleborg as a castle guesthouse, attracted by electric light, beautiful environment and ice skating on Lake Trummen. After that, the castle was rented for ten years as a girl's pension. In 1931, Christer Bonde came to other thoughts and took possession of the castle on his own behalf, and at the same time he landed a castle park. The son Fredrik Ulf Bonde took over 1956 and until 1964, the castle was most used as a summer residence under the auspices of the owner's sister Ulla Bonde. Växjö city bought the property in 1964 and today the castle is owned by Videum AB and is leased by Runosson & Co.

We try to preserve the story
The castle's distinctive style and expression, which still fascinates and inspires every visitor, was Fredrik Bonde's way of giving something unique. We who work at Teleborg Castle today have much in common with the Count. Carefully we have renovated and restored to give our guests something very special. The peculiar environment remains in the palace's all halls and in the beautiful park. Functional conference rooms, luxury in the bedrooms and the exciting menus in the dining room we have carefully added. Here you will meet a living castle, format for both creativity and recreation.

Anna Koskull must have felt both expectant and curious when she first walked up for the stupid castle staircase. We hope to give you the same feeling.

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Latitude: 56.8570412
Longitude: 14.834266
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