Örebro Castle (Sweden)

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Travel back in time at Örebros old art castle. Here you can go for exciting ghost walks, look for treasures and go on guided tours that take you from the castle's dark and moist prison caves for prisoners of war, thieves and witches up to the magnificent halls built for royalty like Karl IX, and Karl XIV Johan.
Once a simple defense castle with imprisonments, but during the vasatime rebuilt into a magnificent royal castle. A cold place for prisoners of war, thieves and witches, but also a magnificent place for royals such as Karl IX, and Karl XIV Johan. More about Örebro Castle's history can be found here
Today the castle is a vibrant attraction with views, events and exhibitions. At the castle you can also have a conference or have a party. For all children there are many fun shows and the ability to keep children's calamity. Hear stories about Gustav Vasa, Engelbrekt and other historical figures. Our regular castle shows are open to all. The guide is in Swedish and English and takes about 1 hour.
In the castle there is also Örebro Visitor Center with tourist information and ticket store where you can get help with everything from maps and information to booking hotels and events. In the southwest tower (same tower as the Örebro Visitor Center) there are historical castle models that you can watch and learn more about the castle's history of history in an easy way.

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Latitude: 59.2739716
Longitude: 15.2152513
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