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Drottningholms Slott is a royal castle located on Lovön in Mälaren, in the municipality of Ekerö west of Stockholm. King Carl XVI Gustaf and Queen Silvia have since 1981 been officially located in the southern latitude of the castle.

The castle got its name already in 1579, during Johan III's time. He made a stone house for his queen, Katarina (Jagellonica). On the initiative of Queen Hedvig Eleonora, the present castle was planned and built from 1662 to around 1750 as a palace after drawings by the architects Nicodemus Tessin, etc., Nicodemus Tessin d.y. And Carl Hårleman. In 1777, the state bought the Queen of Denmark property by Queen Lovisa Ulrika, and since then it has been in its possession. After the purchase, Gustav III received the right of disposal to Drottningholm, which the royal family had since. The castle and castle park has changed over time, and the regents who lived there have set their mark according to varying style and fashion trends.

Drottningholm Castle is considered to be the most important castle buildings in Sweden, and is Sweden's best-preserved royal castle. In the palace there are several buildings and areas such as China Castle, Drottningholms Palace Theater, Theater Theater, Little China, Hemmet, Götiska Tower, Drottningholmsmalmen. The castle consists of a baroque garden and an English park. The park and castle building is largely open to visitors, but some parts are locked out for the public because they are available by the royal family. Drottningholm Park and Buildings are visited annually by an estimated 700,000 people from Sweden and abroad.

The castle area with the main building, castle theater, china castle, kantongatan, parks and ore became one of UNESCO's world heritage sites in 1991, where it was Sweden's first object on the world heritage site. The protected area around the world heritage encompasses about 40 buildings. In addition to the castle itself, the park also includes large areas north and west of Ekerövägen.

The castle as well as a number of buildings in the castle garden and some of the buildings on the ore are also a state building memorial. Drottningholms Castle is owned by the Swedish state and is managed by the State Property Agency, while the Standing Committee administers the King's disposal rights.

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