Nevytske Castle (Ukraine)

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The half-destroyed castle can not affect magnificence. However, the ancient walls are able to announce not only one interesting story to those who can listen.

The ruins of a magnificent palace lie between the villages of Kamyanytsia and Nevytske, and the river Uzh, which is near its waves, flows. Even from the road you can see the gray wall and the terrible towers of the Nevytsky castle. The history of this stronghold begins in the distant XII century, when the Hungarians drew attention to the northeast and decided to make friends with the Galician and Kiev princes, because of which new roads began to appear through the passes, and with them - and new fortifications. At the place of the palace then created something like a settlement with moats and earthen ramparts.

However, it quickly became clear that not only the Slavs could overcome the Veretsky Pass, but a wave of Mongol-Tatar invasion, which destroyed the Nevytsky fortress in the wake of Transcarpathia, could be overcome. The Hungarians were not lucky enough to restore the fortress, and Transylvanian rulers built it, added to the building Donjon and well. But there is no fortress for people to live in peace and harmony. The Hungarian kingdom shook internecine strife - and the Nevytsky castle became their center, though not immediately. While Mr Omodey was alive - there was calm, because the old man was a true supporter of royal power. However, the insurgent villagers killed Omodeya - and in these cities, such a fierce struggle against King Charles Robert Anjou broke out that would not have been without siege. The Royal troops took the stronghold by storm in the XIV century.

Carl Robert made anguish with the lands and strongholds of the defeated enemy, which is always done by the kings: he gave them to the favorites. Such favorites were the princes of Drugeth - magnates Hungarian genus of French descent. Drugest owned the castle until his death, they rebuilt the fortifications, strengthened the castle walls, because the fortress had to withstand a new type of weapon - guns. In order not to be too scared of the guns, an additional tower was erected, which was pushed south, but was connected to the main building, and the loopholes controlled the bridge. Together with defenders behind the walls of the citadel could hide more than fifty thousand inhabitants of the surrounding villages. However, the fortress was not impregnable, so in the end it was destroyed by the troops of Gordia II Rakotsi.

The fortress has been abandoned for a long time, although research has been carried out alongside it, and local experts can tell a lot of interesting things about its history. The collapse lasted, one of the towers fell, but in the end the reconstruction of the building began. Those who wish today can see the castle close by, the entrance to it is free. Next to the building is the "Wagner Garden", which dates back to the 19th century. It strikes a wonderful fountain that does not freeze even in the winter. Since 2006, the castle has been hosting a theatrical holiday of wedding ceremonies, reproducing the ancient traditions of matchmaking.

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Latitude: 48.6810766
Longitude: 22.409404
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