Caernarfon Castle (Wales)

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Caernarvon is located at the southern end of the Menai Strait between north Wales and Anglesey, 8 miles southwest of Bangor. During the invasions of Wales by Edward I, this was strategically an excellent place to build a castle; Anglesey has been referred to as the Garden of Wales, providing rich agricultural land near the poorest country in North Wales. The Menai Straits also allowed fast access between the coast of North Wales and the west coast, so it is important to check for Edward to supply outposts, such as Harlech and Aberystwyth.

As with all castles of Iron Ring of Edward, Caernarvon was built on the coast (as mentioned earlier, the supplies came by sea because of Welsh talent in convoy ambush on earth - see Welsh Warriors and Warfare page). A Caernarvon, Edward also built a city, destroying the settlement of the original Wales in advance. Therefore, as the totality of the new settlement was of English origin, I use the anglicized "Caernarvon" in contrast to the Welsh "Caernarfon" in this article.

The castle of Edward I in Caernarvon succeeded before a Roman fort, and later a Norman motte and bailey - built by Hugh of Avranches around 1090. This motte was built in the Edwardian castle, but it was destroyed in 1870 (Dr Lawrence Butler I It suggested that there is a good topic for a new resistivity survey to be carried out for the study of this). The Welsh has taken the original motte in 1115 and has maintained control until the invasion and colonization of Edward in 1283. Previous history of the site also demonstrates the strategic importance of the site.

The building was started by Edward his march from Chester, and the work probably began in May 1283. Edward wanted to create a core of English influence in this area, which was previously so rich Welsh tradition and feeling anti-English. He also wanted to create Caernarvon as the capital of a new domain - hence the establishment of a city and market in the strong walls of the site.

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Latitude: 53.1391389
Longitude: -4.2769297
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