Ostrozac Castle (Bosnia and Herzegovina)

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The Ostrožac castle is located 14 kilometers north-east of Bihac, on the left bank of the river Una. It is located 206 meters above the river Una. E 'was the first time in 1286 as a property of Knyaz (Slavic title) Babovići of Blagaj.

This castle is the castle that has been resolved for the longest period of time in the whole area of ​​Cazin and was rebuilt several times and today is a castle from a fairy tale for every visitor.

Some chroniclers claim that this castle existed in the year of 405 BC, but has never been historically proven. There was a large number of rulers of this property and there is some information that said the castle was lavishly decorated in a manner that befits the castle. Lothar von Berks, a leader of the Bihac District, is responsible for the image of the castle today, it built a magnificent villa '' Roman style '' on the ruins of the old city. The Berks stayed at the castle until 1938. In 1946 the castle was nationalized and is a property of the country since then. Today, it is a tourist attraction of Cazin, Krajina and wholeBosnia Herzegovina.

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Ostrozac Castle

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Latitude: 44.9052255
Longitude: 15.937271
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