Helfenburk Castle (Czech Republic)

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The castle probably built Berka of Dubé, from Ronovci after 1350. In 1375 it was bought by Prague Archbishop Jan Ocko of Vlasim from Hanus of Helfenbeku, probably one of the descendants of the family Klinštejnů. Archbishop so created rural hinterland in the woods nearby to stay outside the WAC, which performed in his office. He stayed there briefly and its successor, the third Prague archbishop Jan of Jenštejna. At the time of their stay was a tiny castle substantially modified. The original wooden building a radically changed, especially increased stone reconstructions. The settlement around the castle originated from several buildings, the castle was built chapel, built 63 meters deep well and a new castle was surrounded by moats and walls and have been here for some time brought from Prague St. Vitus jewelry, relics and books. The record came in 1395 Roudnice Prior Petra clarifier, personal chronicler John of arcibiskupina Jenštejna of John's accident on the bridge leading from the new tower, where he nearly collapsed. Jan lived here until about 1400, ie at a time when he was deprived of his office. In 1422 it acquired burgrave Ales of Malíkovice, then spent years hiding from bad king bishop Konrad of Vechta (where he died in 1431), and even then, the owners of the castle changed frequently. Finally, it is placed on the Castle Wilhelm von Illburka, which at that time belonged to the nearby Ronov. The Helfenburk newly outfitted and then place a landlocked Ron enjoyed. After the extinction of the family in 1538 the castle gradually abandoned. In 1622, then burned down due to the imperial army marshal Buquoy. It was a period pillaging passing armies in the Thirty Years' War. After the Battle of White Mountain, the Jesuits gained from Liběšice and attached to the Usti estate.
When in 1887 the ruins of the castle was bought and modified industrialist, Count Joseph von Schroll and began to be attractive to tourists. He's here in 1887-1890 built a romantic three-story tower of 30 meters, where it leads 143 steps.

In the second part of the 20th century, it was taken over by the Czech Union for Nature Conservation and started him under the supervision of the District Litoměřice conservator Francis Fiset again repair and maintain. Later, there arose a civic association Hradek, which hired the object, maintains and cares for guiding services.

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