Bretesche Castle (France)

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La Bretesche is the former residence of the barons of La Roche-Bernard. It takes its name from "Bertesca", an exterior structure overlooking the main door of a castle to defend the entrance. The castle was built between 1430 and 1470 by Jean de Laval, baron of La Roche-Bernard. During the Wars of Religion, the castle was a high place of Protestantism and suffered in 1591, the seat of the Duke of Mercoeur. From 1636 to 1648 Charles de Cambout, cousin of Cardinal Richelieu, carried out repairs and enlargements of the castle. In 1793, the castle became a rallying point for the royalists and was burnt down by the Republican General Avril. Among the main owners is the de Montaigu family, who kept the estate until 1965.
The castle is built on a crenellated terrace, surrounded on three sides by a moat, the fourth bathing directly in a vast 13 hectare pond.

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Latitude: 47.4828396
Longitude: -2.1717753
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