Azay-le-Ferron Castle (France)

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The castle of Azay-le-Ferron is one of the Loire castles, built from the fifteenth to the eighteenth century. It is located in the town of Azay-le-Ferron, in the French department of Indre. Since January 1950 it is part of the French historical monuments.

The place where now stands the castle was fortified the first time in 1422 by pregnent Frotier, on land belonging in the thirteenth century in Nicolas Turpin de Crissé and passed in 1412 in the barony of Preuilly; this building was badly damaged during the Hundred Years War.

Construction of the castle began in 1496, when it was realized the still present tower and incorporated into the structure. During the reign of Francis I (early sixteenth century) the structure was enlarged. In 1560 the castle passed to the family of Luigi Cravant, who owned it until the end of the seventeenth century; among other owners of the castle they are included Caesar of Vendôme, son of King Henry IV of France, who became Baron of Preuilly with a royal decree, and Louis IV of Crevant, a real army Marshal under Louis XIV.

In 1629 the pavilion was erected between the round tower and the square body; in 1638 it was added to the wing of Humières, the lower body is seen still on one side of the castle, on the will of Louis III of Crevant, and in the ancient tower were open windows to turn it into a stately home. In 1699 the barony was bought by Nicholas-Louis le Tonnelier de Breteuil, whose daughter, Gabrielle-Emilie, was the mistress of Voltaire from 1733 to 1737. His family built in 1714, the east wing of the building, originally detached from the main body, to which was united in 1936 with the construction of an arched tunnel. The Breteuil were the owners of the castle until 1739, when they sold it to Louis Francis Gallifet.

Since 1739 the castle saw many changes of ownership, since the revolution was the residence of two producers of weapons for Napoleon, and in 1852 was bought by Luzarche family. The castle is now owned by the city of Tours, who received it in 1952 following the legacy of the last owners, Martha and George Luzarche Hersent.

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