Beauregard Castle (France)

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The castle of Beauregard of the sixteenth century, is located in the town of Cellettes in the Loir-et-Cher, about ten kilometers south of Blois. It is part of the Loire chateaux and is famous for its "Distinguished the" gallery. It is present in the list of French historical heritage since 1840.

The main building has two floors of galleries: the ground floor a covered gallery with seven arches on the first floor and an open gallery. These were built between 1545 and 1553 to connect the two residential buildings. From the south, at right angles, cross wing with two floors and a chimney Italian, tall and narrow, decorated with slate ads. On the other side of the courtyard there was probably another wing, which belongs to the original XV century building, incorporated in the present castle from Jean du Thier. This wing is visible on Androuet du Cercau plans and was destroyed in the seventeenth century to make way for a more modern building, which finally disappeared in the nineteenth century. The rear elevation, overlooking the park, has been changed in the nineteenth century. The former tennis court was closed to double the central area of ​​the building. In this way the residential wings are not much more advanced with respect to the main body and the rear facade is much more massive.

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Latitude: 47.537732
Longitude: 1.384425
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