Chinon Castle (France)

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Perched on a rocky promontory overlooking the Loire, the Chinon Royal Fortress overlooking the medieval village and is a true wonder.

Clambering up the hill along the cobbled streets and get to the castle by blacks slate roofs that contrast with the whiteness of the old houses in white travertine is beautiful and picturesque experience.

This huge fort became a prison for some of the Templar components before being judged and burned at the stake in Paris and was the scene of the historic meeting between Charles VII and Joan of Arc.

The forteza consists of three separate blocks: the Fort Saint-Georges, the Chateau du Milieu and Fort de Coudra. Do not miss to visit the Clock Tower from the top of which offers a magnificent view, the Throne Room and the Royal Residence.

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Latitude: 47.1681
Longitude: 0.235615
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