Plessis-lez-Tours Castle (France)

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The castle of Plessis-les-Tours (formerly known as Montils-les-Tours), is located in the town of La Riche in the Indre-et-Loire region, it was the favorite residence of King Louis XI, who died August 30, 1483.

The castle, now largely destroyed, was also the scene of the meeting between Henry III of France and the future Henry IV, after several battles. This represented their reconciliation, which allowed them to deal with the Catholic League. This meeting was made possible after the assassination of the Duke of Guise on the orders of Henry III, the first head of the League, held under his yoke.

Inside the castle it is located several iron cages suspended from the ceiling and used to hold prisoners. The cages are so small that the prisoners were not able to be there.

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Latitude: 47.3863248
Longitude: 0.6609527
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