Château de Fontaine-Henry (France)

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The castle of Fontaine-Henry takes place in the heart of Calvados, in the Normandy region. Family domain, has managed to cross the centuries with elegance and resistance. Several large families have succeeded, from Harcourt to Cornulier, through the current owners, the family of Oilliamson.

Near Bayeux, the building owes its name to Henry de Tilly, son of a great seneschal of Normandy who took part in the eighth crusade. Originally, the first castle was built on the remains of a 9th century fortress during the 13th century. From this moment, there is still the chapel and the vaulted rooms on the ground floor.

Completely rebuilt after the Hundred Years' War, the castle of Fontaine-Henry becomes a prestigious residence in an elegant Louis XII and Renaissance style. In the eighteenth century are added the facades of lace, like the roofs of the highest in France. The gardens were transformed into English during the nineteenth century and the owner of the time decided then to build a building that still housed the Gallery and the dining room.

Open to the public, it allows today to admire the Gothic chapel, the Old Logis or the internal rooms. The tree-lined park is composed of three historic gardens: the medieval garden, the Hortus Conclusus and the Gerbe du Parnasse inspired by the theme groves inspired by Greek and Roman mythology. Animations and exhibitions are regularly offered throughout the year, such as family gatherings, candlelit visits, labyrinths or homicide parties.

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