Lichtenstein Castle (Germany)

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Located in the south of Germany, Baden-Wurttemberg, the neo-Gothic castle of Lichtenstein was built in the first half of the nineteenth century William order of Urach, Count of Württemberg, inspired by a historical novel so successful. This novel, entitled The Castle of Lichtenstein (now available in several languages but not in Italian), was written in 1826 by the young novelist Wilhelm Hauff, inspired dall'Ivanhoe Walter Scott; it told the story of the area between the fifteenth and sixteenth century, when the medieval castle was finally destroyed. William of Urach then decided to rebuild the old manor, entrusting the design to Carl Alexander Heideloff. Placed at 800 meters high, which is also a romantic fable, it is home to a rather important collection of arms and armor and has some areas that can be rented for weddings (in particular the chapel, several rooms and the gardens).

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Latitude: 48.4062419
Longitude: 9.258328
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