Burghausen Castle (Germany)

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The Castle Burghausen enjoys an outstanding position because of its historical significance as a sovereign castle of the Bavarian Wittelsbacher and its architectural rank as one of the greatest late medieval fortifications. The mighty bulwark was considered the strongest fortress in the country and embodied the power and representative will of the Bavarian dukes.

From 1255 to 1503, the castle was the second residence of the Lower Bavarian dukes residing in Landshut. As a secure family residence she fulfilled various functions during this time: she served as the court of the Duchesses and the place of education of the children, as the residence of the hereditary prince couple and as a widow's seat. The rich dukes of Bavaria Landshut kept their gold and silver treasure in the fortified Trutzburg.

Her most famous resident was the wife of Duke George the Rich, the Polish princess Hedwig, whose marriage to the Bavarian Duke is still reminiscent of the famous Landshut wedding.

With a length of more than 1000 meters Burghausen Castle is one of the longest castles in the world (the "Guinness" book even declared it to be the longest castle ever). Surrounded by almost intact ring walls, the site stretches high above the town of Burghausen on a narrow ridge between the Salzach and the Altwasserarm, the Wöhrsee. Five large courtyards, formerly secured by ditches and gateways, divide the mountain plateau as sections of the fortification. With their defensive walls, gates and towers and the farm buildings and residential buildings for court officials and craftsmen, they form the prelude to the entire complex, which culminates in the mighty core castle around the inner courtyard on the southern tip of the castle hill.

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Longitude: 12.8290456
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