Braunfels Castle (Germany)

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It looks like it comes straight from a fairy tale, but it's true - on top of a basalt rock, the Braunfels Castle with its magnificent silhouette majestically overlooks the city and welcomes visitors from afar. Continuously inhabited by the princely family for 800 years, the castle is a living cultural monument full of exceptional art treasures.

Since it was built in the 13th century, the structure and the interior of the Braunfels castle were rebuilt and extended many times. During guided tours, history comes alive - visitors hear about eventful development of the castle and the history of the princely family who established contacts throughout Europe and the United States of America.

Cultural events, such as opera performances outdoors, take advantage of the historic landscape and backdrop of the courtyard Braunfels Castle and Gardens.

visitor program of the castle is characterized by the Christian family tradition and openness towards guests from all over the world. With flexible opening hours everyday throughout the year, Castle Braunfels offers visitors an unusually large variety of tours and events, attracting visitors of all ages and interests.

There are restaurants located around the area of ​​the castle and the market square. In the summer months, you can sit in one of the beer gardens outside overlooking the castle. Around Christmas everything is nicely decorated with lights everywhere. So whenever you decide to go, Braunfels castle is always worth exploring.

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Latitude: 50.5138
Longitude: 8.3873688
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