Altena Castle (Germany)

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The Altena Castle is not only one of the most beautiful castles in the region, but also the first youth hostel in the world. This is still preserved as a museum in its original state. There are also interesting museums to visit. Great program for children's groups!

[Ruhr-guide] High above the river Lenne is one of the most beautiful castles. Altena Castle at night of Germany, Altena Castle. The fortifications were erected at the beginning of the 12th century by the Count von Berg, high above the town. Probably the castle should protect the important trade routes of the iron industry in the Sauerland of Brandenburg. From the 13th century the castle of Altena was the seat of the counts of Altena, who later became counts of the Mark. In its changing history, the castle of Altena later housed a garrison, a hospital and even a prison. At the beginning of the century, the ruins were restored. In addition to Schlossburg, the castle of Altena is certainly one of the most impressive castles in the region.
The first youth hostel in the world
Altena Castle is well-known not only as one of the most beautiful castles of the world of the castle, Altena castle in the country, but far beyond Germany. In 1914 Richard Schirrmann established the first youth hostel in the world. In the original rooms is now the World Youth Spa, while the JH found a new domicile in the castle walls. Today it has 55 beds.
Different museums under one roof
The castle of Altena also houses the Museum of the County Mark, the Altena Castle from the LuftMärkische Schmiedemuseum and the German Hiking Museum. The museum of the county Mark covers a period from the early history over the middle age up to the modern time. A focal point is, of course, the medieval life at Altena Castle, both of the nobility and the simple peasants. Special emphasis is placed on the field of museum pedagogy. In this way, the small visitors can go on a treasure hunt as a group or walk the path from the squire to the knight. You have to prove that they are able to master the virtues of the rides, to put on armor, to carry the sword or even to shoot with the crossbow. A giant fun for children and a great idea for the children's birthday!
If you want to relax after a visit to the museum or just want to relax in the historic walls, you can do so in the Burgrestaurant. There is a changing menu for lunch and dinner.

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