Gemen Castle - Borken (Germany)

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The castle Gemen in Borken is certainly one of the most extraordinary castles in Münsterland. The walls shimmer brightly in the sun. More than 900 years old, the castle of Gemen is surrounded by a mighty forest, the circumambulation of which opens wonderfully different perspectives on the building.

Turbulent history
The castle was built by the noble lords to Gemen. The oldest component of the plant is the keep of 1280. Since the 12th century, the history of the Lords of Gemen has been marked by constant conflicts with the prince-bishops of Münster, who since that time were also secular rulers of this region.

In order to preserve their imperial immediacy, the castle owners repeatedly successfully changed alliances. The castle changed hands several times until on 24 May 1822 the baron Johann Ignatz Franz von Landsberg-Velen bought it.

Von Landsberg-Velen was raised on 15 October 1840 by King Frederick William IV of Prussia in the counts and then called himself Count of Landsberg-Velen and Gemen.
The castle is still owned by the von Landsberg-Velen and Gemen family. Since 1946, the castle Gemen is leased to the diocese of Münster, which it uses since then as a youth education center.

The castle from different perspectives
The outdoor area of ​​the castle is freely accessible all year round. Recommended is a walk around the castle. From each side offers a completely new perspective, which surprised many visitors later when viewing the holiday photos. Cyclists can experience the castle Gemen best on a bike tour along the 100 castles route.

Images of the castle


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Useful infos

Latitude: 51.8629587
Longitude: 6.8663367
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