Schönburg Castle (Germany)

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The Schönburg was first mentioned between 911 and 1166 AD. mentioned in the story. Until the 17th century, the castle experienced a highly volatile and belligerent history of tribal fighting and family feuds.

In the 12th century, the Schönburgers took over the royal churches until then and also had the right to levy customs duties on the Rhine. Also, they dominated almost without exception as imperial bailiffs until the beginning of the 13th century on Oberwesel.

The Schönburg is one of the few Ganerbenburgen, in which after the death of the father Burgerbe passed in equal parts to all sons and not - as usual - only to the eldest son. So it happened that the Schoenburg at the time of its peak in the 14th century accommodated 24 different families with a total of about 250 people.

The highest fame of the entire Oberwesel family of the Schoenburger Friedrich von Schoenburg acquired as lieutenant general and colonel in French, Portuguese and Prussian service and under the name "Marshall Schomberg".

In the Palatinate War of Succession French troops put in 1689 the city Oberwesel and also the castle on fire. The castle remained a ruin 2 centuries after its destruction. Victor Hugo once described her as one of the most admirable scree works in Europe. The family of the Schönburger died with the son of Friedrich von Schönburg in a male line.

After repeated changes of the owners (including Prince Albrecht of Prussia), the German-American Rhinelander took the castle in his possession. By 1914, he had used over 2 million gold marks to restore the castle. The city of Oberwesel was able to buy back Schönburg in 1950 from the son of the American. Since 1957, the Schönburg is a leased property of the Hüttl family, since 1983 in Erbpacht, now in its third generation.

Family Hüttl is looking forward to a present and future with you as guests in the historic castle hotel.

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