Wernigerode Castle (Germany)

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Castle Wernigerode (Schloss Wernigerode) is a breathtaking spectacle; It seems to feel transported into a fairytale world. With the spectacular backdrop of the Harz Mountains, Schloss Wernigerode is a German castle that is not to be missed.

This castle in the Romanesque style 12th century was originally used as a hunting lodge for the old emperors of Germany. Wernigerode Castle has had an identity crisis of architectural styles in the course of its long history.

In the 15th century, large arched windows showed his neo-Gothic style. By the 16th century, the castle of Wernigerode was converted into a Renaissance fortress, until the ravages of the Thirty Years War damaged much of it. In the 18th century, the castle of Wernigerode was trying on a different architectural style, this time as a masterpiece of the Baroque.
However, this was not to last very long. A new ruler in the 19th century, Count Otto, portions of the castle rebuilt in neo-romantic style Gründerzeit.
What we see today is an elegant buffet of architectural projects.

The castle is open to the public since 1930.

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Latitude: 51.8305903
Longitude: 10.7951135
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