Melfi Castle (Italy)

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The Castle, built by William of Altavilla in the eleventh century on the ruins of an old castle, is undoubtedly the best known of the region. Still it dominates, with its imposing size, the city. In the following years, the castle was remodeled and enlarged by Frederick II, who in 1231 declared to you the "Costitutiones Augustales", the first comprehensive text written laws of the Middle Ages and content both criminal and civil.

From the sixteenth century, the castle became the residence of the Doria family and was also home to various Concilii.Durante the Council convened by Pope Urban II in 1089, the Pope proclaimed the First Crusade in the Holy Land against the infidel, by establishing the obligation of celibacy for religious . Originally formed by a central part surrounded by a wall, it is presented to the polygonal visitor and has eight towers, three of which are polygonal and five square-shaped plant. The west tower, known as the "bulwark of the lion", has a nest-shaped projection which, according to legend, would be the imperial eagle nest of Frederick II of Svevia.Nel Castle now houses the National Museum of Melfi.

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Latitude: 40.9983395
Longitude: 15.6528653
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