Rapallo Castle (Italy)

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Built overlooking the sea in the middle of the Gulf of Rapallo, the castle has a compact structure rectangular with rounded corners, dominated by a massive square tower which rises from the land side. The entrance to the fortress is secured by a stone staircase. A small belfry is located in an elevated position, to the right of the entrance and on the side diametrically opposite a small sentry box leans on the sea.


On July 4, 1549, the corsair turkish Dragut performed a disastrous incursion of Rapallo, which cost the city the kidnapping of many inhabitants and the death of anyone who had failed to looting. Immediately, the Republic of Genoa ordered the mayor of Rapallo, Jerome Cattaneo, the construction of the castle, which was completed in just one year. The fortress, admirably placed as the closing point of the medieval walls have now disappeared, was never the protagonist of relevant arms made, and in this we can say that perfectly fulfilled its deterrent against other pirate landings.

Used as a prison during the seventeenth century, passed in 1866 by the City to the state, which made it the headquarters of the Guardia di Finanza and judicial prisons. Restored in 1963, currently it houses exhibitions and cultural events.

Every year at the end of the celebrations in honor of Our Lady of Montallegro, on the evening of July 3, the castle is symbolically burned with colorful fireworks and smoke.

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Latitude: 44.34779
Longitude: 9.233998
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