Brescia Castle (Italy)

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Perched on Cidneo, in a natural environment that is one of the "green lungs" of the city, the Castle is one of the most fascinating fortified complexes in Italy, where you can still read the signs of the different dominations. The central keep, the imposing ramparts and tell tower of influence Visconti, while the mighty ramparts and monumental entrance with drawbridge bear witness to the power of the Venetian Republic, who ruled the city for more than four centuries.
Already the scene of the famous Ten Days of Brescia, the Castle has now abandoned any belligerent legacy to offer with its gentle slopes and meandering walks visitors, who from the heart of the old town square Tito Speri, can access the top of the hill through the path Contrada Sant'Urbano.Al inside, the Castle surprises with streets full of mystery, hidden spaces and a view of the most engaging, which embraces the whole town, allowing you to shift its gaze on the slopes and valleys of Ronchi .
Suggestive tour of the towers and the Road of aid, a way of escaping the Visconti who scored successive sieges in the history of città.Seguendo the walkways you discover the Castle also its balanced eclecticism, in which coexist in harmony at all natural, one of the oldest and prestigious vineyards of the city, nestled on one of the slopes of the hill, the Roman heritage, such as oil storage tanks with preserved until today, the medieval ramparts and a 1909 locomotive, made "prisoner of Falco of Italy ", to the delight of the smallest visitors.

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Latitude: 45.54143
Longitude: 10.22574
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