Castle of Serravalle (Italy)

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The Malaspina castle dominates the town of Bosa from the Serravalle hill. It was built in 1112 (date established by the Fara but recently challenged and moved to the thirteenth century) by the Marquises Malaspina, originally from Lunigiana. Following its construction, the inhabitants of Bosa Vetus, located near the church of San Pietro, moved under the castle and there they built their homes to obtain protection, thus giving rise to the late medieval village of sa Costa. The castle has undergone numerous changes over the centuries. In 1300 the construction of the main tower of the keep, by Giovanni Càpula, and a further fortification of the manor dates back to the imminent Aragonese attack. Probably during the reign of Alfonso the Magnanimous, in the fifteenth century, the hill was fenced, built the two polygonal towers and built the church dedicated at the beginning to St. John, later to St. Andrew and more recently to Our Lady of Regnos Altos. In the second half of 1600 the Royal City of Bosa was completely protected by the walls. In 1800 there was the first restoration by Filippo Vivanet and Dionigi Scano.

The castle can be reached through s'Iscala 'and sa rosa and s'Iscala longa, two long stairways to the east and west of the village, or through s'Iscala' and s'ainu that runs through the narrow streets and again, in the car, taking the road that runs along the cemetery.

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Latitude: 40.2971519
Longitude: 8.5044721
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