Brunnenburg (Italy)

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Near Castel Tirolo, perched on a rock, dominates a majestic castle. Castel Fontana (Brunnenburg), which probably owes its name to a nearby spring, was built in the 13th century by the Tarant family. Described in 1600 as a dilapidated and old castle, at the beginning of the twentieth century it was then purchased by private individuals and renovated. The building became famous in the 50s when the American poet Ezra Pound (1885 - 1972) chose it as his home. From 1962 until his death, Ezra Pound was registered as a citizen of Tyrol. Today, inside the castle there is a memorial dedicated to the poet.

In Castel Fontana there are also a Museum of Agriculture and several animals. The museum, directed by Dr. Siegfried de Rachewiltz, focuses on ethnology, ethnography and folk art. Thanks to photographic documentation and videos, visitors to the museum can see the various work processes in agriculture, how the wheat is processed and bread, milk, butter and much more are produced. The harsh everyday life of the South Tyrolean farmers is also illustrated. Ancient professions are also presented, such as that of the shoemaker and the weaver, so that they do not fall into oblivion.

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Latitude: 46.6917984
Longitude: 11.1477702
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