Stenico Castle (Italy)

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The castle, a possession of the Princes Bishops of Trento from the twelfth century, served as the seat of the captain who provided for the administration of the surrounding area.

The link with the Vescovi princes is also documented in one of the frescoes of the Ciclo dei Mesi of Torre Aquila in Trento, the one where dames and knights play snowballs, and where Stenico's Castle is depicted.

Today the building hosts exhibitions, concerts and shows. The castle can be reached from the village of Stenico through a steep ramp leading to the entrance. To see inside a valuable archaeological section dedicated to local history and an exhibition of furniture, frescoes, weapons and ancient tools from the collections of the Castello del Buonconsiglio Museum of Trento, of which the manor is a detached site.

The castle of Stenico, has recently also been the representative seat of the UNESCO Biosphere Alps Ledrensi and Judicaria.

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Latitude: 46.0507123
Longitude: 10.8524417
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