Tures Castle (Italy)

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Castel Taufers (Tures Castle) is a partricolare monument of national history and the Südtiroler Burgeninstitut guarantees their accessibility and enjoyment by the visitor.

The tavern, as well as various cultural events and temporary exhibitions, they also have the task of encouraging not only tourists, but also the villagers to visit the castle not just once.

Over the past three decades, under the management of Südtiroler Burgeninstitut, extensive renovations were made and have been open to the public areas of the new castle.

The first mention of Taufers barons dating back to 1136. At the latest in the twenties of the XIII century they built a new, large stately home.

Keep and dungeon (residential tower) were erected towards the mountainous coast, the only part of which could be from an attack. The palace (later used as a granary) was built instead on the western side, in an area protected by the very nature of the terrain.

The building area, already defined itself by the shape of the rocky outcrop on which the castle stands, was further defined by constructing a wall, along which they switched later diverse apartment buildings, especially in the sixteenth century.

The imposing entrance forticate works date back to the sixteenth century.

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Latitude: 46.9232964
Longitude: 11.9486994
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