Hollenfels Castle (Luxembourg)

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Hollenfels Castle is located on the south side of the village of the same name in Luxembourg. It is located in the valley of the Eisch stream, which is also known as the Valley of the 7 castles. The other 6 castles are; Koerich, Septfontaines, Ansembourg, New Ansembourg, Schoenfels and Mersch.

Hollenfels Castle was mentioned for the first time in 1129. In the 13th century Ludolf, Knight and Lord of Hollenfels and his wife Sara received the water rights of the nearby Mariƫnthal Abbey. In the fourteenth century the mighty square keep was built. The possession of Hollenfels castle was then shared by two noble families. From the 15th century on the castle was jointly owned by several noble families; Ansemburg, Greifenklau and Salm.

In 1681 the castle was occupied by French troops. In 1691 the castle of Hollenfels was owned by JB. de Brias. In 1729 he ordered the construction of the villa against the north-east side of the keep.

In 1818 the castle was bought by JB. Thorn-Suttor, who was governor of Luxembourg during the Belgian period between 1831-1839 and who was already the owner of Schoenfels castle. In 1840 he sold both castles to J. Engler, a senator from Brussels. Later, Baron A. Goethals passed to his son-in-law.

Currently the castle of Hollenfels is state owned. There is also a youth hostel in the 18th century bailey. Here is their website: Hollenfels Youth Hostel. I was there during my "castle hunting" in Luxembourg in 2007. It's simple but sufficient. And of course it's really nice to be near this big castle. Although it was a pity that I could not visit the inside of the castle.

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Latitude: 49.7120861
Longitude: 6.0516094
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