Belem Tower (Portugal)

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It's considered the symbol of Lisbon, thanks to its scenic location overlooking the Tagus River.

But once he towered in the river: it was the earthquake of 1755 changed the course of the river connecting it to the mainland.

His role was to maritime control tower and defense at the entrance to the city, to oversee the galleons laden with precious stones, spices, porcelain and textiles coming from far away places.

As the Jeronimos Monastery, also the tower was declared a Unesco World Heritage and not by chance: never ceases to amaze the tourists for its elaborate Manueline decorations that mix with the domes of Moorish influences, with arched loggia and mullioned Venetian tradition and with the Order of Christ crosses.

Last lodge offers a spectacular view of the Tagus.

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Belem Tower


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Latitude: 38.6915837
Longitude: -9.2159773
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