Predjamski Castle (Slovenia)

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The picturesque castle, powerful, provocative, mysterious and impregnable is wedged in the vertical wall, 123 meters high, and reigns there for more than 800 years. It contributes to its romantic aspect the idyllic stream Lokva that deep beneath the castle is lost in the hypogeum.

The most famous inhabitant of the castle was definitely the knight Erasmus Predjama (the Lueghi) that in the eleventh century. opposed to the arbitrary imperial resistance. Even today they are living legends on the one hand glorify him as a passionate rider, beautiful and noble, and the other is demonstrated as evil knight, felonious, surprised at the end by death in the cabinet.

The castle is accessible from only one side, bad legend, the robber Erasmo obtained supplies of food and drinks through a secret tunnel that leads from the old castle in the sunlight. The imperial army for a year and a day in vain besieged the castle and Erasmo ceded only to the cunning of the besiegers and bribed servant.

Today you can discover the history of the castle and its owners in the entrance tower. Among the furniture of the other parts of the castle you will find a selection of original objects, but also copies and models. The Knights' Hall is the most richly decorated, while the dining room will know the life at the castle in the late Gothic. In the Renaissance hall on the third floor are the hunting trophies of the last owner of the castle, the prince Windischgrätz.

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Latitude: 45.8158473
Longitude: 14.1267155
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