Hallwyl Castle (Switzerland)

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Hallwyl Castle dates back to the 11th century and is one of the most famous water castle in Switzerland. It is located near Seengen, at the northern end of Lake Hallwil, on two islands formed by the Aabach course.

The water castle was the residence of the von Hallwyl family, a family of the Argovian nobility, which in its more than 800 years of history has distinguished itself in various ways: on the confederate battlefields, at the European courts, in the scientific, political, mercantile fields and in the financial world. On a visit tour, visitors can explore the castle rooms divided into eleven thematic areas that provide a wide historical panorama, from the medieval to the modern world.

Through the audio guide, some members of the family tell the story of their lives in the first person, but also simple people, peasants and subjects of the lordship of Hallwyl take the floor. For children there is a special audio guide.

On certain days a very varied program is offered to visitors, including public guided tours, events and nature excursions. Special events are the operatic performances of the Castle of Hallwyl, recurring every three years, to be enjoyed under the starry sky and with the fairytale background of the castle.

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Latitude: 47.3231072
Longitude: 8.1942855
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