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The Rapperswil castle is situated in the town of Rapperswil in the southwest of the canton of St. Gallen in Switzerland. It is perched on a rocky outcrop, that pushes forward a large piece of Lake Zurich and is surrounded on three sides by water. Thus the block is protected and dominates the underlying storico.Castello center of Rapperswil

The castle was built in the years 1220-1230 by Vogt Rudolf von Rapperswil built, so far beyond Lake Superior in Old-Rapperswil had a modest residence. From his new place since shortly after the Graf appointed Rudolf was the waterway from Zurich to Graubünden passports and pilgrims to Einsiedeln Monastery and cross traffic through the Strait of Seedamm simply monitor. Soon developed at the foot of the castle, the town of Rapperswil Rapperswil.Castello

In 1336, in exile after an attempted coup from Zurich Konstaffler fled the castle. With Count Johann II. Habsburg-Laufenburg planned this crime on the evening Zurich Zurich to overthrow the old regime. But the attack failed, and the mayor of Zurich, Rudolf Brun, soon retaliated. In winter 1350 Brun and his troops retreated before Rapperswil, took the castle and the city and set fire to both. Duke Albert of Austria had shortly after the construction as the new owner of the castle and again città.Castello Rapperswil

After the extinction of the line of Habsburg-Laufenburg the castle became in 1442 the property of the town of Rapperswil. 1464, the nationality of the place of purchase of -Austria Habsburgs go and concluded with the Confederation of "everlasting covenant", in which the castle as the seat of the Federal until 1798 Schirmvögte servito.Castello Rapperswil

Between 1870 and 1927 the castle was established by Władysław Plater Polish National Museum housed. After his transfer companies in Poland, the castle remained empty. In the period 1936-1952 the rooms of the castle were used a second time for a museum of contemporary Poland and during World War II, it took over the museum, the cultural care in 1940 in Switzerland interned Polish soldiers. In 1952, the museum's collection was transported to Poland and the castle was home from that date, the international research institute and the castle from 1962 to 1975 the Swiss Castle Museum. RapperswilDal the castle as a restructuring in 1975 for the third time is a Polish museum built inside the castle walls: the Polish emigres founded Poland Museum, the Museum of Poland is the testimony of a long-standing Swiss Polish friendship. Polish tenants were instrumental in 1870 that the castle could be saved from decay. of RapperswilNel Castle course of the 1988-1990 renovations took part in the restructuring expenses of the museum premises. 2008, more than 9,000 people from 30 countries sat down with a petition for the preservation of this tradition and symbol rich Museum in Rapperswil Castle it is one. On 11 October 2012, a free newspaper launched a campaign against the renewal of the lease agreement between the Polish Museum Rapperswil and the local church as the owner of Schloss castello.Rapperswil

The castle of Albrecht II. Rebuilt form a nearly equilateral triangle, each corner is reinforced with a tower. The tallest tower in the southwest will maintain or Gügeliturm known and has long been the seat of the Guard, who warned of Horn shock residents of the city and castle of approaching danger or flames.

RapperswilIl of pentagonal castle clock tower contains three bells to the east and next to a sundial show two large dials at the time. Between these two towers to the south-east position, the largest castle building. In addition, guided by two towers embattled corner for the third tower in the northwest, the Powder Tower. How outworks of the castle now served Bleulerhaus former Burggasse and so-called Breny Tower.

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