Prague Castle (Czech Republic)

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Prague Castle (Pražský hrad) was founded around 880 by Prince Bořivoj of the House of Přemysl. The first stone building to be erected within the area of ​​the castle was the Church of the Virgin Mary which you can now see only a few remnants. In the tenth century, it was founded Basilica of St. George in the castle, and he established the first Czech monastery, the monastery of St. George, which now houses a gallery. St. Vitus Rotunda, also dating from the tenth century, was replaced by St. Vitus Basilica in the eleventh century and is located on the site where the St. Vitus Cathedral.

From the tenth century, the Prague Castle served as the seat of the princes of Bohemia and most later kings. It was also a bishopric.

The Prague Castle experienced one of its greatest periods during the reign of Charles IV (1346-1378) when it became the seat of the Holy Roman Empire. The Royal Palace was rebuilt, the fortifications were strengthened, and it was started the construction of St. Vitus Cathedral in the style of French Gothic cathedrals of that time.

After 1989, many areas of the Castle, the Royal Garden, Ballgame Hall, the south gardens, including the Imperial Stables, were made accessible to the public for the first time in history. Today, the Prague Castle is the seat of the Czech president and the most important national cultural monument of the Czech Republic. Many art objects of inestimable value, historical documents, and the jewels of the crown of Bohemia are kept here.

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