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Warwick Castle was founded in 1068 and has been reconstructed and updated a number of times. Today combines the ruins of the castle, in much of the fourteenth century, with one of the finest large houses in England. Two small protruding towers, which date from the late fifteenth century, is said to have built as artillery platforms. Note the landscaped park under the towers.

Warwick Castle stands like a cliff above the River Avon, it's Norman. This natural rock William I founded a motte castle in 1068, on land seized from a nearby Saxon monastery. A wooden tower built on the motte was obviously still there during the reign of Henry II, after which a shell polygon fence had been raised around the top motte. Only the shell fence fragments now remain, incorporated in the rebuilt shell, which is of much later date.

Towards the end of the fourteenth century, when some additional buildings, such as the large hall and residential blocks were presented in Bailey, the castle passed to the Earl Beauchamp, which launched a fresh program of works. These were essentially what can be seen today. These include the restructuring of the large room and a number of other buildings, a water-southeast door, and on the west front of a tall, strong defensive wall that leads from a gatehouse of a very high polygonal tower, known as Tower of Guy , that is 39.4 meters (128 ft) tall.

The concierge is a remarkable building: a pair of towers above the threshold step, which had shutters and murder holes. Projecting from the east side of the gatehouse is a rectangular tall building leading to another tower. The latter tower is 45.2 meters (147 t of six storeis, trefoil (or six lobes if the smaller bulges are counted) and covered by a dual system of battlements with machicolation everything under the battlements. It's called Torre di Cesare . the top three floors of the tower are each in turn, and have stone fireplaces.

The castle is complemented by curtain walls and other, much smaller, flanking towers. The west wall leads the motte to the restored shell enclosure and down again towards the south to the south range. The complex is then a powerfully defense container.

Warwick Castle is a magnificent castle overlooking over the River Avon, home of the Earls of Warwick, founded by 11 °. century. Willliam founded by the Conqueror on 1068, owes its present splendor to Beauchamp fourteenth century accounts and provides us with an excellent example of complete fourteenth century fortifications dungeon.

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