Otranto Castle (Italy)

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The Aragonese Castle, formerly Otranto's defensive stronghold, is now a beacon of culture and knowledge, hosting international exhibitions and events

After having been damaged in 1067 during a siege, the fortress was repaired and modified. But it was after the historical Saracen attack of 1480 that the defensive structure was reinforced and equipped with cannon towers.

Wandering between the imposing walls, you'll be able to appreciate the various architectural details, such as the towers (Alfonsina, Duchessa, and Ippolita), the Punta di Diamante (Diamond Tip) Bastion, and the Sala Triangolare. This Triangular Hall was created using innovative defensive techniques and is considered one of the most important examples of military architecture of that time.

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Latitude: 40.1445226
Longitude: 18.4923882
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