Agropoli Castle (Italy)

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The Aragonese Angioino castle rises majestically on the promontory, climbing with the summit in the ancient village. The origin of the plant dates back to the Byzantines.
The Normans (1077-1189) initiated the first major renovations with the construction of the wall curtain that protects the town south. A distinction in the walls of Norman-Swabian characters, the castle has been subject to continuous refinements to adapt it to the innovations of military art. During the 15th century the Sanseverino Counts of Marsico, powerful feudal lords of the Kingdom of Naples, proceeded to the deeper and wider restructuring of the Castle in the form in which it is present today. In 1806, by Napoleon's decision, the Castle was occupied by the Military Genius, becoming once again a coastal defense center of the entire Citra Principality.

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Latitude: 40.3536055
Longitude: 14.9881089
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