Soncino Castle (Italy)

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The design of the fortress was worked out by military architects Sforza Serafino Gavazzi from Lodi, Stefano from Lonate, Danesio de 'Maineri and Jacopo de Lera coordinated by Bartolomeo Gadio. For the construction was enough only one year (1473), thanks to its location at the lower end of valliva depression north-south. The original cylindrical tower of southwestern should the particular structure to the reuse of an existing tower of the city wall.

The architectural structure does not differ from the traditional schemes, except the emphasis on the thickness of the walls to cushion the blows of the artillery, the exceptional depth of the moat, and the progressive blocks of ritraentesi fortress parties towards the castle tower (here was the residence captain of the fortress) and up to escape routes protected by tunnels and secret passages.

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Latitude: 45.3975893
Longitude: 9.8716504
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