Czocha Castle (Poland)

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We would like to invite all enthusiasts of history and active spending to Lake Leśniańskie to the Czocha Castle in Sucha.

This is one of the few places in Poland where the past is connected with the future. We assure you that the numerous attractions that we have prepared for you will make the moments spent in the Czocha Castle unforgettable ...

The castle in Sucha is also a place friendly to animals! In 2012, Czocha Castle was awarded by the National Geographic Traveler monthly as one of the "7 new wonders of Poland".

Zamek Czocha is also a great way to spend a unique, romantic weekend with a close person. Delicious dinner by the candlelight, the sounds of romantic music and chilled wine will make the moments spent in a hotel in the castle forever in your memory.

For those of you who value the thrill we suggest a night tour of the Castle, an extraordinary journey leading to the most hidden and intriguing nooks and crannies that hide the secrets of the old Castle in Sucha. Stories that you hear will surely chill blood in your veins ... if you have courage ... welcome!

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Latitude: 51.030774
Longitude: 15.3036519
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