Bedzin Castle (Poland)

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A splendidly present castle in Będzin lies on a busy road over the Czarna Przemsza. The present appearance is due to the 19th century reconstruction in the spirit of romanticism and post-war reconstruction. The stronghold consists of the upper castle and the extensive ward with the remains of the perimeter walls and the now-non-existent entrance gate (its remains discovered by archaeologists in the years 1954-58) preceded by a drawbridge. In the upper castle there is a residential building, ie a rebuilt quadrilateral residential and defense tower, and a more than 20-meter (originally 30 m) round tower - a stool. At the top there is a viewpoint with a telescope. It offers a wide view of the whole area. Formerly, it fulfilled various functions: a lighthouse illuminating the way of raftsmen, prisoners for convicts, and during the war the last point of defense.
The castle is surrounded by a moat and a high double perimeter wall. Between the walls leads the path with benches, there are also headlights that nicely illuminate the castle at night. The outer walls are supported by flanks, while the inner walls are topped just like the bastion by battlements. From the southeast to the moat there is something that looks like one wall of a bridge with arcades, but in fact it is an ornament built in the nineteenth century on the former city defensive wall.
Inside the castle from 1956, the Zagłębie Museum has been operating with a very rich collection of old weapons. There is also an exhibition connected with the history of Będzin and other castles on the Eagles' Nests Trail. The museum also manages the nearby Mieroszewscy residence, which can be visited together with the castle. In addition, there is a stylish knight's inn in the courtyard of the stronghold, and a castle near the castle.
The plans of the museum's management include reconstruction of the castle (lower castle) with a gate and a drawbridge.

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Latitude: 50.3272898
Longitude: 19.1269536
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