Fortress of Guaita (San Marino)

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Built directly on the stone of the mountain without any foundation, the First Tower, a pentagonal base, dating from the tenth century, but was strengthened several times thereafter.

Rebuilt in the second half of the fifteenth century, in the sixteenth century was covered with a sloping roof. It is also called "Rocca Guaita" and among its solid walls, protected by a double round wall (the outer one with battlements and towers decapitated the corners), sheltering the people during sieges. Some rooms were used as a prison until October 1970.

The Baroque stone crest that is seen on the front door is to the Republic and dates back to 1600, first belonged to the old Public Palace. The inner wall is limited by the Bell tower and the Pen Tower, built a few centuries later. The top door, which can be reached by means of a ladder, is defended by a gatehouse of 1481. In the courtyard there are a few pieces of artillery dating back to the last war: two mortars, a gift of Vittorio Emanuele II, two guns ( 75 mm) used to prejudice by the Guardia di Rocca in the festivities, gift of Vittorio Emanuele III.

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Latitude: 43.9357596
Longitude: 12.4497384
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