Tantallon Castle (Scotland)

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Tantallon is located in a beautiful setting, looking over the steep cliffs and the sea. Originally dating from the 14th century, this vast castle with its thick stone walls and in high, courtyards and stone towers has seen a turbulent history. E 'was also associated with many important historical figures, Maria Stuarda only be one of them. There is much to see and explore here, including the dovecote and immediate grounds.

Tantallon Castle was built in 1350 by William Douglas (whose uncle was a close friend of King Robert Bruce). In 1380 the Douglas family divided into two branches, the 'Red Douglases' (Angus Earls) and the 'Black Douglases'. For the next 300 years, the Red Douglases were living in Tantallon castle as one of the most powerful baronial families in Scotland.

During the late 15th and early 16th century, the castle has seen three great sieges. The last in 1651 by the army of Oliver Cromwell, destroyed the castle.

The castle was built in an age before rifles and cannons. The thick walls, high have been built to withstand the onslaught of weapons such as arrows, rams and machines stone throwing. When the gun was invented, changes to the castle had to be made.

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Latitude: 56.0563593
Longitude: -2.6506188
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