Palace of Versailles (France)

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The Palace of Versailles is one of the most beautiful French masterpieces of the seventeenth century. Simple hunting lodge at the time of Louis XIII was transformed into a magnificent royal palace by King Sun that moved the court in 1682 and remained the official seat of power until the French Revolution. Later, the beautiful royal residence was transformed i n museum dedicated to the history of France at the behest of Louis Philippe, and in its halls flowed a series of works that still testify to the great events of French history.

One of the most charming rooms of the palace is the Hall of Mirrors, which shines in the light reflected by its many mirrors and in the beauty of its stucco and paintings of Le Brun. The large gallery expresses in its richness political success, economic and artistic France. It was used daily as a place of passage, waiting and meeting and was attended by courtiers and visitors.

Despite its beauty, the Hall of Mirrors was the background of cerim Onie only exceptionally, when the desire to equip the greatest pomp diplomatic receptions or offers festivities on the occasion of the royal wedding. On such occasions, the throne was placed on a podium at the end of the gallery. It was here also that was signed June 28, 1919 the Treaty of Versailles that ended the First World War and, since then, the Presidents of the French Republic will continue to receive official guests of France.

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