Kamianets-Podilskyi Castle (Ukraine)

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Castle Kamianets-Podilskyi is a former Ruthenian-Lithuanian castle and a second in three parts glaze fortress erected on the site of the castle, located in the historic city of Kamianets-Podilskyi, Ukraine, in the historic region of Podolia in the western part of the country .it It was the first time in 1374 in a document of Prince George Koriatovicha he possessed at the time of Podolia. Archaeological research indicates that there was a castle in the tenth and thirteenth centuries the fortress consisted of the historic center of Kamianets-Podilskyi fortified by King Casimir IV Jagiello, the Old Castle rebuilt by King Sigismund I the Old and Stephen Bathory, and the Castle new founded by King Sigismund III Vasa and Władysław IV Vasa, and until the second partition of Poland in 1793 was one of the strongest fortresses of the Crown of the Kingdom of Poland.
The castle was built on top of a peninsula carved by Smotrych winding river, forming a natural defense system for the castle and the Kamianets-Podilskyi's Old City; a bridge over the river is the only entrance to the castle. The name of the castle is attributed to the root Kamin ', from the Slavic word for stone.

Initially, the fort was built to protect the bridge that connects the medieval city with the mainland. Its location on a strategic transport junction in Podolia and made the castle a prime target for foreign invaders, however, who rebuilt the castle to meet their own needs, adding to its multicultural architectural diversity. Despite the many changes of architecture and engineering to the original structure of the castle, Kamianets-Podilskyi Castle still constitutes a coherent architectural design, being one of the few medieval buildings in Ukraine that is relatively well preserved. And 'the most recognized landmark of the city, which serves as an important regional and national tourist attraction.

The structure consists of eleven Kamenetz fortress towers, each of which has its own name and history. Thus, the highest in the Pope's name tower because it was built with funds sent by Pope Julius II. Yet it calls Karmelyukovoy, because it was signed three Ukrainian folk hero Ustim Karmelyuk. L '(corner) black tower is a well depth of 40 meters and a diameter of 5 meters, carved into the rock. In the basement of the complex of the castle opened exhibition recreating the pages of its history. In the western bastion reconstructed panorama of castle defense in 1672 under the chasturetskoi invasion. In the eastern bastion of the exhibition on the history of the launch by light weapons in Podolia, where the visitor can shoot a crossbow, feeling the medieval warrior. Before our time preserved the system moves and casemates.

Today, together with the Old Town, the castle is listed as part of the "Kam'ianets" Sanctuary, historical and architectural National created to protect its architectural and cultural heritage, and the National Environmental Park "Podilski Tovtry". The castle and its surrounding complex is one of the Seven Wonders of the Ukraine.It is also a UNESCO World Heritage candidate, appointed in 1989 by the Ukrainian representatives.

Today, with the budget, agreements may become a party night theatrical tour of the old fortress. Tour of the towers (towers) and the dungeons of a fortress Kamenetsky "elder" and his "entourage" that interesting stories, songs, dances, not only acquaint visitors with the history of the castle and weapons, but also create a unique sense of time travel. Visitors can enjoy horseback fortress, firing crossbows and bows, to coin its own money.

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