Castello Scaligero di Lazise (Italia)

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The first news about Lazise dates back to the period between 888 and 961 when the center was "free villa", ie a country not subject to any feudal lord.

Between 1375 and 1381 Cansignorio della Scala strengthened the walls, which surrounded the village and were interspersed with about twenty shielded towers and protected by three doors, and built the Scaliger castle, which belonged to the complex of defensive works of the Verona area prepared dai della Scala, and the military port.

Then foll ... owed four centuries of Venetian domination in which Lazise became the most important village of the Veronese shore of the lake and the castle was used as a residence of the magistrates of the Venetian Republic.

During the Hapsburg occupation the fortress was sold to a private person for a ridiculous amount and became a convenient reserve of stones for those who wanted to build a house.

In the second half of the nineteenth century, the castle was bought by Count Giovanni Battista Buri who restored it and surrounded it with a wonderful park to combine the charm of nature with love for the Middle Ages.

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Latitudine: 45.504068
Longitudine: 10.7324893
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