Ramana Tower (Azerbaijan)

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Ramana Tower is a tower located in Ramana village of Baku and dating from the 12th century. Tower height is 15 meters. Exact date of construction of the tower, which is built in white stone, is not known. It is believed that the tower was built with the purpose of defense and used as a castle during the reign of Shirvanshahs'.

There are two stairs to walk up to the tower walls. E 'can go up from a spiral staircase from the inner side of the tower to a corridor, which was built about 3 meters outside from the tower. The other stone scale approaches the top side of the tower from the garden. By means of these stairs you can walk up to the walls of the tower and look at the country.

Unlike Mardakan Castle, a natural position of Ramana Castle is different - is on the rocks. The strong walls of the tower are supposedly natural continuation of rocky slopes. There is an arch in the east wall of the tower.

There is a strong rectangular tower, the walls of the castle as a tower of the castle Mardakan. Inputs standing facing each other have a favorable condition to serve for defense. But unlike other towers in Absheron Rayon entrance with a spiral staircase of this castle it is not at a height, is at ground level. There are windows from recovery of all the layers of the walls.

Ramana Tower is similar to other towers in Absheron for its plan and architecture. But differs from them for its most picturesque architectural composition. And 'because of the prominent tower located. The tower has no decorative design and the style of its history dates back to the 14th century.

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Latitude: 40.4561328
Longitude: 49.9778329
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